Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s day is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar/Chinese calendar. This date usually falls in August for the solar calendar. This article will explain the myth and tradition behind Chinese Valentine’s day.

The legend behind Chinese Valentine’s day is a that cattle herder, who was an orphan, was mistreated by his brother and his brother’s wife. His brother kicked him out and only gave him an old ox. The cattle herder worked hard, and after several years had a small farm and house. However, he was lonely with only the companionship of his trusted ox.

Unbeknownst to the cattle herder, the ox is actually an immortal who was being punished for his transgressions in the heavens. The ox noticed the cattle herder’s loneliness and suddenly began speaking to the cattle herder. He told the cattle herder that the heavenly Weaving Maiden and her sisters were going to swim and bathe in the river. The Weaving maid was the youngest of the daughters of the Heavenly Queen. Along with her sisters she wove beautiful clouds in the skies and heavens.

The ox told the cattle herder to steal the Weaving Maiden’s clothes, and only give them back only the condition that she agrees to marry him. The cattle herder did as the ox said. As the Weaving Maiden bathed in the river, the cattle herder stole her clothes. When she noticed that the cattle herder had taken her clothes, she asked him timidly to return her clothes.

Her replied that he would only return her clothes to her on the condition that she marry him. With a little hesitation and excitement she agreed to his request. They lived happily together and had two beautiful children before the Queen of Heaven discovered that the Weaving Maiden was missing. She then had her daughter brought back to the heavens.

The cattle herder distraught over the disappearance of his wife, remembered the words of the ox before the ox passed away. The ox told him to keep his hide after his death to use in case of an emergency. So, he used the ox’ s hide to sneak into the heavens to find his wife. Just as he was reunited with his wife, the Queen of the Heavens used her hairpin to draw a line of stars between them. This line stars became the Silver river or the Milky Way in the West.

The Weaving Maiden was so depressed after not being able to greet her husband, that her weaving of clouds suffered. Her mother noticed that the clouds that she weaved had a very sad quality to them. So, she finally relented and allowed them to meet once a year at the Silver river on the 7th day of the 7th month of the lunar year.

However, even though they were allowed to meet at the river, they could not cross the river. Magpie birds were so moved by their love that they formed a bridge across the Silver river in order for the lovers to meet. Legend has it that after August of every year that Magpies have less feathers on the top of their heads, because the couple walked on their heads to reunite with each other over the Silver river.


July 23, 2007 - Posted by | Chinese Astrology

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